REGIMEN: Self-titled: LP

Jun 13, 2014

One of the pitfalls of reviewing gobs of releases over extended periods of time is that one can create mental snapshots of a particular scene/country’s music scene that might be a bit fallacious. Let’s take Sweden, for example. From Mob 47 to DS-13 to Regulations to AC4 to—well, you get the point—one inevitably forms a vision of an entire country packed with both snow and an entire population that is born and bred on a steady diet of Discharge and had embedded in its DNA the ability to effortlessly churn out some of the best punk/hardcore on the planet. I’m willing to bet large sums of money this isn’t true, and I have heard my share of less than stellar output from that region, but one making such a leap of logic wouldn’t exactly be out of the realm of possibility. Regimen does nothing to counter such a leap. With a bevy of (mostly) mid-tempo ragers that are inexplicably catchy amidst all the screaming and slamming, ye find yourself shaking an angry fist and shouting along with the Swedish gang-choruses that pop up like whack-a-mole heads, and at other times shimmy-slamming to many of the tunes’ odd surfy undertow. No, Sweden can’t be a punk paradise—c’mon, the law of averages dictates that there has to be at least one square block in that country that is infested with shitty bands—but this definitely makes it easier for some of us to dream such a thing is possible. 

 –jimmy (Gaphals)