REFUSED: Self-titled: CDEP

Sep 18, 2001

I’ll try to explain the difference between real punk and its MTV equivalence. That while both types have screaming vocals, you can hear the anger in a good punk song scream, while Korn or whatnot just go through motions. Another example is that while many Bush songs sound like Nirvana, you can tell Kurt was actually feeling something at the time that made his voice sound like that, while the Bush guy is going through the motions. That being said, this is decent. Another situation where I am not so much into what I am hearing right now as I would be hearing it live. I can be critical and cynical when I have the time to think about this, but I bet I would merely bob my head to this if they played for me. Kind of an intro to screamo for the “extreme music” sect. Also, if you put fancy computer stuff on your CD, do it in a way that most computers can actually use it. I have a fancy pants Mac at work, fully tricked out, and couldn’t see the pictures. Maybe it’s a Mac thing, but that would bear mentioning when you tell me to “put this CD in your computer.” I could see the videos at least. I liked the part when the singer fixes his mod hairdo.

 –rich (Burning Heart)