REEL BIG FISH: Live at the House of Blues, DVD

Sep 16, 2010

I’m really starting to get tired of receiving promos in paper sleeves with none of the packaging material that normally comes with a release like a cover, case, inserts and such that include the song titles.  I pull this out of my box and say to myself, “Fuck, another live CD in one of those stupid paper envelopes!?”  That is what I miss in records.  You can’t cheat and just send the record because the postage is going to be the same.  As the deadline nears, I pop this into the computer to write the review.  Waiting for music to pop out of my speakers, my DVD program opens.  Hey, this is a DVD!  Something to look at is more digestible than having to endure a live recording.  Visually, this is recorded well and the sound quality is good.  Will I watch this again?  Probably not.  I was never a big fan of this band.  This just brings back bad memories of the 90's when this style of ska/punk was the “in” thing and thousands of bands were trying mitating each other.Donofthedead (Kung Fu,<>)