REDUCERS SF: Crappy Clubs and Smelly Pubs: CD

After waiting three years for them to follow up their incredible debut album, Backing the Longshot, the Reducers are finally back with Crappy Clubs and Smelly Pubs. Listening to it is like running into an old friend in a bar and realizing that you’ve actually been missing him, so it’s exciting to down a few beers with him and hear all the new stories and go on to have new adventures. Crappy Clubs and Smelly Pubs still has all the catchy hooks and singalong anthems as the Reducers’ first album, but the songs seem to have grown. They don’t rely on the fist-in-the-air choruses quite as much, and the songs are a little bit more complex, but they still float into your brain and stay there like a shot of whiskey. The lyrics are a bit more political and a bit more intelligent, but they still stick close to their oi/street punk roots. It’s a really good follow up and a really good album. On the insert of the album, too, they’ve included pictures of their twelve favorite bars. Twelve. You have to love any band who has twelve favorite bars.

 –sean (TKO)