REDSKINS: Epilogue: CD

Jul 06, 2010

Back when I was a kid (well, adolescent, actually) in the ‘80s, my dad would occasionally bring home albums he’d gotten from the record store next to his work that he thought his punker sons would find interesting. One of these was a Redskins album, and I remember being really put off by the horns and the occasionally ‘80s pop feel many of the songs had, and of course, the album was summarily ignored past what couldn’t have been more than two spins. Listening to this—a collection comprised of their two singles for the CNT label, three demo tracks, one live track, and three tracks from a precursor band, No Swastikas—makes me wish I’d paid just a little more attention to that album. Sure, the horns and occasionally too radio-friendly beats are still there, but what I’d failed to notice all those years ago is that they were pretty goddamned good at what they did. Many times here they deliver the tunes with such intensity that they come off sounding like the Minutemen on a warp-speed meringue binge, melding post-punk with soul, left wing politics, and yes, oi/punk sensibilities. This is some really good stuff here, and I’m wishin’ a) it was longer and b) I hadn’t been a dope and kept that album so’s I could compare this against it.

 –jimmy (