REDS: Is: Means: CD

Nov 10, 2008

Pointed, angular, discordant, and frantic shit here; one pissed merging of bands like I Spy, The Ladderback, Giant Haystacks, and the gutsy qualities of mid ‘90s screamo. Reds are well founded in the “kick ass and name names” school of I Spy in the lyrical department—mercilessly and intelligently critiquing and attacking government, “progress” and even righteous factions of the punk scene. Musically, they’re building and expanding on the sonic backbone of The Ladderback and bands of that ilk, bands who owe just as much to both Moss Icon and Gang Of Four as they do Mohinder. The end result is a smart, angry, and kinetic record that relies less on hooks than it does a feeling, a sense of atmosphere and place; an album that’s simultaneously listenable and worrisome, where I’m both bobbing my head and trying to quell this sense of impending doom. An excellent record.

 –keith (Waking)

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