Nov 10, 2008

Unsure of what to think of a band with the name The Redneck Manifesto, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this Irish group was in reality an instrumental rock act similar to Tortoise or Saxon Shore with an occasional Julie Doiron, Paul Newman, or Kreidler influence here and there. Getting little treats like this make writing reviews worthwhile. The Redneck Manifesto seemingly knows when to punch that extra fancy guitar riff, when to throw in that extra little instrumentation, when to switch it all up, and when to pull it all back and mellow out. The songs never get too busy, nor do they ever seem to get dull. This is by no means what most Razorcake fans are probably into, but for those who fancy themselves fanatics of any of the aforementioned acts, the eleven songs that make up I Am Brazil are worth checking out.

 –kurt (Australian Cattle God/Terrible One)