RED PLANET: Let’s Degenerate: CD

Aug 09, 2009

Lately I’ve been seeing the Red Planet seven-inch in record stores everywhere, and it looked pretty cool, but I’ve been broke, so no new records for me. This CD looks almost as cool. As far as the actual music is concerned (but, come on, who really cares about that, anyways? It's all about the cover art, clothes, and groupies, right?) this is some pretty great power pop/rock. I could definitely see them touring with the Figgs, or opening for a 20/20 reunion show. Catchy, catchy, catchy…with a few stupid lyrics, but what band doesn’t have those? Definitely worth checking out if power pop is your thing. I’m gonna havta go buy that seven-inch now, too! This is Honey Nut Cheerios – pretty damn good, and nothing that I could imagine anyone not liking at least a little bit!

 –maddy (Gearhead)

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