RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY: The Very Best of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry: CD

Jan 24, 2008

The late ‘80s was an odd time to be a college radio DJ; with scattered exceptions here and there (Lazy Cowgirls, Sloppy Seconds, Moral Crux if ya want three good bands from that era that didn’t sound at all similar), punk rock was obviously no longer deserving of the missionary zeal we True Believers correctly heaped upon it in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s ((and incorrectly heaped upon it from ‘83 or ‘84 on out)). Hair metal bands of varying darknesses were still considered completely legit by almost everyone, would-be REM clones with pluggable-innable acoustic guitars ran roughshod over every state in the union, and the people who were supposed to be REALLY smart were beginning to invent grunge. Given the circumstances of rightfully mounting consumer ((that means me)) disconnection from the stinky carnival of LAME that late ‘80s punk had become, the times were such that folks such as i were inclined to listen to the radio shows of fellow DJs a bit more than normal decorum would suggest, just on the off chance that they actually sidestepped the whole mess and hit on something INTERESTING that my natural punk-o-centric tendencies might have otherwise caused me to overlook. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry were one of those bands that i was always glad to hear my fellow WGBW DJs play, because, although they weren’t awful enough to make me turn off the radio, they also weren’t good enough to make me think i was missing anything by not owning any of their records. Surprisingly, this dark and mildly tinny Limey collegio-goth hasn’t actually aged that poorly over the last twenty-odd years, although i’ll state up front that the brunt of this disc’s appeal to me is pure nostalgia. Still, i could see popping this in after work some night when the only things to eat in the house are ramen and beer ((gets up to check cupboard and refrigerator)). Damn, you’re in luck. I’ll get the water boiling. BEST SONG: “Talk about the Weather” BEST SONG TITLE: “Monkeys on Juice” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I said the band’s name ten times fast just to see if it could be done. I respond in the affirmative.

 –norb (Cherry Red)

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