RED LIMO: Soulful Attack: 7”

Mar 14, 2007

I’m torn on how to review this record. Red Limo know how to write a memorable chorus filled with “c’mons,” “sha-la-la-la-las,” and “they call me sugars,” but the verses that lead up to the catchy parts are abysmal. And the bridges these guys attempt to construct are rickety and in need of serious retrofitting. Musically and aesthetically, I think Red Limo is aiming for that slutty, 1970s androgyny that Big Star had back in the day and the Time Flys currently champion, with a touch of glam thrown in. But, it’s hard to tell because the recording is so muddy. They’ve got some good songs in them if they keep working at it.

 –benke (MOTM)

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