RED KATE: When the Trouble Comes: LP

Jan 19, 2016

I was ordering a cocktail at the bar when a lanky, bespectacled dude with a bowler on his bald head approached the bar next to me. “Must be one of the dudes in the out-of-town band. Probably thinks he’s way too good for this shithole townie bar,” I immediately surmised from atop my cloud of judgment. Turns out these Kansas City, Mo. natives are just a really great, down-to-earth, hilarious bunch of good-time dudes that have brought back the art of rock’n’fucking roll, baby! Riffing and snarling their way through the set, they rocked their way right into my little heart. Hard working and tight as hell, this band has paid its dues and you can hear it. When I found out they had been poorly reviewed by my beloved Razorcake, I decided they should get another chance, and I shall be the one to redeem them! This album does a great job mimicking the energy of that live show. No bullshit here. Just solid, no-frills, for the love of rock’n’roll tunes. It is unapologetically oozing with calls to action and a hint of debauchery. There’s just one love song here by the name of “Pink Sweater,” which is pleading with an object of affection, questioning her taste in d-bags, and attempting to woo her with promises of mocking famous works of art together, riding bikes, and taking her last smoke. It’s all heart and it’s all great stuff from some legitimately good shits! If you’re looking for a lil’ something to get that ass a-movin’, you gotta give these guys a shot!

 –Jackie Rusted (