RED DONS, THE: Escaping Amman: 7" EP

Jul 24, 2007

Unmistakably a continuation of The Observers. Doug Burns, the chief songwriter and voice of the band, is involved in two new bands, the Red Dons and The Revisions. The good news—if that Observers itch of yours needs some serious scratching—these are the fingers that’ll do it. The songwriting’s impeccable—catchy, jumpy, bright—and the songs are in league with anything The Observers recorded. (Crib notes that don’t do the band justice: think Adverts, Youth Brigade, and instantly classic.) The bad news? I’m no technical music guy, but something along the way put some invisible pantyhose in this recording that stretches between the needle and the vinyl. It sounds a little distant, a little muted and off, and it’s distracting enough for me to prevent giving it a whole-hearted thumbs up.

 –todd (Deranged)