RED DELICIOUS: The First Cassette by Red Delicious: Cassette

May 08, 2013

Five tracks of jangly rock from this New York-based trio. What struck me first were the intelligent lyrics followed by the general consistency of the tracks. Not a dud in sight. The first track, “Rust,” reminds me of The Clash’s “Spanish Bombs” as played by LaSalle, which might sound odd at first, but it works. The other four tracks don’t veer very far from this template but probably don’t need to. They rely on the strength of the material as well as the honey-sweet stylings of dual vocalists Jamie and Eric. All in all, this cassette is a pretty tasty debut from Red Delicious (sorry, I couldn’t resist) and I look forward to hearing what comes next from these guys.

 –Garrett Barnwell (One Percent Press,