Phenomenal. On one hand, sure, you can pin this record down in a sentence: melodic crust with personal lyrics. That’s its center. But, goddamn, there’s something really awesome going on here that takes it beyond that. Taking the swagger and fury of bands like Tragedy or Fighting Dogs and blending it with a thrumming undercurrent of melody, Ocean is eight songs that manage to perfectly hit that stride. Vocalist Chainsaw (!) has a great range—she generally sticks with a more gravelly approach that suits the music perfectly (think of the Distillers and you’ve got the right idea), but there a few softer moments scattered throughout that she softens. The lyrics deal with domestic violence, alienation, struggle, and loss—in a way that’s smart and moving and transcendent. The solo on “Forget About It”—one extended note at a time—is bone-simple, but it’s searing and awesome and works ridiculously well. Like I said, Reckless seems like a band that’s pretty easily summed up—but this is one of the records that just came at the right time, and I’m all the better for it. This shit is punk, and get my highest recommendation.

 –keith (Reckless)