RECKLESS CHANTS #19: $4 + postage, 8½” x 5½” copied, 68 pgs.

To me, the best thing about zines is that you get to experience some deeply personal aspects of another person’s life through their own words and impressions. Visiting old crusty hangouts in Chicago, drinking coffee that has outrageous flavors (coconut mocha?!), and watching as Rust Belt Jessie maneuvers through her expansive corner of the Midwest punk scene, I fully felt that I was living the life of another person—perzine success! The zine is initially structured around music—a song title introduces a story and the song weaves itself through the story—but gradually the structure stretches as the stories take over. Jessie has so many to tell. I especially liked her advice, listed in a section called, “You Don’t Meet Nice Girls in Copy Shops.” Highlight: “When your mother wants to read your zines to see if there are any ‘lesbian undertones,’ only give her the ones about boys.” –Bianca Barragan (Reckless Chants, Jessica McMains, PO Box 85278, Racine, WI, 53408, [email protected])