REBEL SPELL, THE: It's a Beautiful Future: CD

Jul 14, 2011

This record is fuggin’ awesome—punk rock comfort food. The Rebel Spell have a tight, fast, melodic sound with some burly vocals that are not so much anthemic as they make you want to sing along at the top of your lungs as you drive down the highway and take smug pleasure in how much society can suck at times but you forge ahead anyway like the trooper that you think you are. I’m forty years old now, and this record made me want to dance in the pit again. Start to finish, it’s an invigorating shot of adrenalin, but the songs have a level of maturity—both musically and lyrically—behind the snarling irony so frequently present. As a result, this record not only makes me willing to continue to go against the grain, but it reminds me of why I do.

 –Eric Carlson (Rebel Time)

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