REATARDS, THE: Teenage Hate: LP

Jul 14, 2011

The appropriately un-re-mastered sounds of this band’s first album and long out of print early demos have been collected together. Few of the songs on the album get past the two-minute-mark. The first song on the album, “I’m So Gone,” doesn’t even venture past the one-riff-mark. “I’m So Gone” is a flailing caterwaul of anxiety. The song repeats a declaration of homelessness probably intended to be interpreted literally, but the metaphor of disassociation with society is palpable and kicks off the album. More progressive melody lines enter on the second track. “Stayce” shows that the band was destined to extract slight bubblegum influences from a vast haze of fuzz. Fear, Buddy Holly, and Dead Boys covers pepper the album as influences clearly work on the sleeves of a great rock band. “Out of My Head, Into My Bed” serves as the classic on the record with a combination of simple melody breaks, a complete and hummable chorus, and a naive sincerity about relationships that cannot be denied. Included in the reissue of the album are recordings that made up two self-released cassettes that the band produced before the release of Teenage Hate. These demos have become infamous among tape collectors. The tapes are furious documents of three-chord mayhem. With this re-release, a chapter of snotty teenage angst is well documented.

 –Billups Allen (Goner)