REATARDS, THE: Not Fucked Enough: CD

Aug 01, 2006

For some reason or another, I seem to be one of the few people who didn’t absolutely love Jay Reatard’s stint with Lost Sounds. It wasn’t so much because I couldn’t stand the more subdued indie-goth of L.S., but more because I missed the full force Tourette syndrome spazz-out of the Reatards. As bands go, college radio darlings are a dime a dozen, but one that can out-budget rock the Mummies is a band worth losing brain cells over. Further more, anyone who doesn’t think Grown Up, Fucked Up isn’t one of the greatest snot rock records of all time really is a dummy. But all is well now because the Reatards are back and I am full of dumb, drooling joy. This collection of songs from ‘98-’99 captures the classic Reatards’ regurgitated school lunch sound. My only gripe about this recording is a minor one: “Your So Lewd,” the snotty classic about young testicles in love from the 7” of the same name, is here in alternate form as “I Like Your Titty” and it doesn’t have near the same chiding dissonance of the version I’ve grown so fond of. But they easily make up for that with lo-fi rummage explosions like “Make It Fit” and “Twice As Hard.” And, of course, in keeping with grand Reatards tradition, it all sounds like it was recorded in a giant diaper pail. Hoo-wee! Good times is here again. The Reatards’ music is, in the words of the Immortal Bard, “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Amen brother.

–aphid (Empty)

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