REATARDS: Grown Up, Fucked Up: LP

Nov 02, 2015

Originally released on Empty back in 1999. Somehow the Reatards managed to evade being on my radar until towards the end, and from all the hype that had built up by that point, I just didn’t want to hear. A mistake on my part. As friends of mine have pointed out to me numerous times, the Reatards were a band I would love. They are right. Had I heard songs like “I Want Sex,” “Sat. Night Suicide,” “Sick When I See,” and “No One Stands Me” when they had come out the first time, my life would be that much better that much sooner. It’s loud and nasty punk rock in all its sonic and ugly glory. Maniacal vocals, twisted guitar, and a drummer who holds it all together—what more could you ask for? A “don’t give a fuck attitude”? Right here! Best illustrated in the hard-charging “Get Outta Our Way.” So f’n great. This edition also comes with the three songs from the Your So Lewd EP. 

 –M.Avrg (Goner,

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