REATARDS: Bedroom Disasters: CD

Aug 01, 2006

The Reatards were a bright light in the rapidly darkening “garage” corner of punk, one of few later bands able to transcend the limitations and “rules” that turned the original idea into a pigeonhole and just tear shit up. Their songs were vitriolic yet tuneful, primal as hell, and stuffed to the gills with levels of raw teenage rage not seen since hardcore got co-opted by metalheads and sellouts. This collection of assorted out-of-print singles, unreleased covers (Eater, Angry Samoans, Freestone, Ramones and others are covered) and such should more than satisfy their fan base and act as a nice introductory point to the work of a band that deserves to be cranked to eleven anytime their music hits the player.

 –jimmy (Empty)