REATARD, JAY: Blood Visions: CD

Feb 15, 2007

Blood Visions is the new album by Jay Reatard. Jay Reatard is mildly famous for being in the Lost Sounds and dating Dorkus’ dream girl, Alicja Trout. (Dorkus is a reclusive Asian doctor living in one of the Carolina’s. He has interesting views on music, fueled by unpredictable mood swings and a three-thousand-strong record collection.) I like Blood Visions for two reasons: 1.) the cover art is really good, and 2.) the music found on the disc is—in the words of my fellow coworker Brad—“banging.” See, I’m a sucker for album art. Blood Visions captures Jay living out two of his childhood fantasies—namely reenacting the prom scene from the movie Carrie and duplicating the traumatic experience of childbirth. I applaud him for being so bold and honest. In the event that I release a solo album, I promise to be as daring as Jay. (I’ve always had a thing for wearing adult-sized diapers and gulping Comet sink cleaner.) So as stated above, the music on Blood Visions is banging. Blood Visions reminds me a lot of the Adverts first record, which of course is a good thing. (Jay sounds uncannily like a Brit, but he’s from Sun Records City, Tennessee.) Musically, it has that ‘76 (not to be confused with ‘77) guitar sound which, thankfully, is not at odds with a “modern sounding” production, something anyone with soul will avoid. Jay could be a tough guy if he wanted to, but he seems secure with his manhood—enough to place Bryan Ferry-like vocals over his group’s caustic music; which has that certain grating sound Eno pulled from John Cale; you know the shit that got him fired from Roxy Music. Blood Visions, like Wire’s Pink Flag, is over before you know it, packed with fifteen songs clocking in at less than thirty minutes. So in closing, this record has an album cover that Sigmund Freud would die for and some of the best music you’ll hear this year (probably one of the top-ten releases of 2006). I mean, you won’t read about Blood Visions in Rolling Stone (cuz David Fricke’s too busy jerking The Killers off to sleep), but you can take it from me, kids—it’s a real winner!

 –ryan (In the Red )