May 31, 2007

This record is a wonderful time machine that will swoop you back to 1987 and drop you smack dab in the middle of the pit at a DRI/Cryptic Slaughter show. Everything is perfect, from the so-bad-it-rules Pushead-inspired study hall notebook doodle artwork to the badass, blown-out production and LOTS and LOTS of songs. Fuck this new-school shit of four songs on a seven inch. This monster has twenty-eight motherfucking songs on it. Lyrics about killing cops, fucking the man, nuclear war, you know how it goes. It even has one of those sweet collage inserts with show flyers and drunk fat dudes and wicked pits and the whole bit. This record is totally fun and if you like fun you will totally like this record.

 –ben (Psycho Wolf, no address)