Jul 21, 2011

Must admit, the cover art and title of this disc had me thinking this was going to be along the post punk lines. Instead, Rearranged play late ‘80s/early ‘90s straightedge hardcore. Quite well. They’re not reinventing the wheel by any means—mid-tempo to somewhat fast, breakdowns, gang choruses—but the conviction comes through, keeps it interesting and sounding fresh, like this style did when it first appeared years ago. I like how the intro starts off with a somewhat lo-fi mix, making me think this is going to be some garbage, then the full mix comes in, and “whoosh”, it’s full-on power from there all the way to the end. “For a Change” mixes up the mid tempo with speedy parts and is catchy in the process. My favorite cut on here, without a doubt, is “A Prerogative”. It has a great, catchy riff that’s near rock’n’roll with tight execution. They use the studio for effect on “Lies Rotate” to emphasize the urgency of the song with a great outcome. If you like bands like Up Front, No For An Answer, and Gorilla Biscuits, then you’re going to want this. This is pretty good. Well thought out, executed, and put together.

 –M.Avrg (Old Skool Kids,, Love Pills and Whiskey, [email protected])