REALLY RED: Teaching You the Fear: CD

Feb 28, 2008

Where do we begin with this record? Driven by the claustrophobia that came from living in Texas in 1981 and the paranoia of living under the threat of nuclear war, Really Red released the most haunting, ethereal music that hardcore has ever seen. I’d put them in league with the Big Boys and Naked Raygun for their ability to apply a British post-punk influence to their music in the same way that government contractors put nuclear warheads on rockets. Instead of tiptoeing around icy guitars like Wire, they barreled through their songs full-force, with the result being chilling and menacing instead of artsy and detached. Lyrically, they were, hands-down, one of the best, most caustic political bands ever. While other bands of that time period were either accusatory (like MDC) or concerned with pushing people’s buttons (like the Feederz), what Really Red brought to the table was sheer focused rage, and it’s as vital today as it was over twenty years ago. Essential. “For what you are, I could spit in your eye…”

 –josh (Empty)