REAL McKENZIES, THE: Pissed Tae Th’ Gills: CD

Jul 09, 2009

It’s the third full length from these Vancouver, BC kilt-wearing, Celtic punk playing, hard drinking, Robbie Burns loving, Scotland worshiping lads. It’s their second time around being on Joe Keithley’s (DOA) Sudden Death Label. The last release was 2001's Loch’d and Loaded on Honest Don’s. This time around, you get a live set that was recorded, I think, three years ago. It features many songs from their 1998 first release, Clash of the Tartans, plus many Scottish traditionals re-done with their tongue and cheek flavor. If this is all new to you, this band mixes punk rock with a bagpipe to make a ruckus. They make songs that make you want to hold your pint high in the air or at least drink to the point that the evening never existed. Fans of Flogging Molly, the Pogues or Dropkick Murphys will appreciate the craft of this band’s wares they have created in the last ten years.

 –don (Sudden Death)