Aug 14, 2009

I really am impressed and have enjoyed listening to this disc every time I put it on. My wife seems to enjoy it, too. I catch her listening to it in her car and sometimes at home. This Vancouver, B.C. band plays punk with a Scottish flair and is accented with two bagpipe players. Now, that is bitchin’! It rocks along with a great place and sometimes you feel like you need to kick your legs high in the air. Some might think that the bagpipes might become annoying, but they don’t. I like when a band adds a new element to the music and makes it original. These guys have put their heritage on their sleeves (and kilts!) and produced something that might interest not only the punks but also those outside of the scene. For those into Flogging Molly, Irish drinking songs, or the Pogues, have a good, stiff whiskey and listen!

 –don (Honest Don’s)

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