Jun 22, 2007

I guess Fat shut down the Honest Don’s division. These guys are now on the main imprint. With a few releases under their belt, it is fitting to be on the primary label. If you haven’t heard these crazy westside Canucks (Vancouver, B.C.) before, you are missing out. This band of drunkards has a love of their Scottish heritage, and has a bagpipe player to boot. I haven’t seen the band live, but from the pictures I have seen, they perform live in kilts and don the accessories to play the part. The music is a blend of Celtic folk music and mid-tempo punk. The magic of their music is that you can genuinely feel that they are having fun doing what they’re doing. If they are not having fun, they are drunk off their arses and can fake it. It’s music to do a fancy jig to or you can grab a bunch of drunken friends and try to get a square dance going without spilling your drinks. If bands like Flogging Molly or the Pogues are on your playlist, this one will slip in without notice.

 –don (Fat)