REAL LOSERS, THE: Music for Funsters: CD

Jun 22, 2007

Kids weaned on the teats of the Saints by way of the Reatards, kin to the Kill-a-Watts. It’s that easy-to-fuck-up, difficult to distill mix of glass, dirt, and bubblegum. Glass: clearly, there are songs inside and they jounce by like a Ferris wheel off its axis, rolling through a state fair. And it ain’t just annoying noise or shit just scattering away. Dirt: trashy, middle-fi, broken-instrument, “one string left and we’ll still play” basement punk. Bubblegum: toes be a tappin’, heads be a noddin’, beers be a-drunken, Devo be covered. Shit like this is direct, but it sure ain’t done this well that often, especially for fifteen songs. Great stuff.

–todd (Trick Knee)