REAL LOSERS, THE: Gimme Action & Dum Dum Baby b/w Rejected at the High School Dance: 7”

May 31, 2007

Geez, by looking at the cover art—with the heads of this boy-girl-boy band pasted atop tiny cartoon character bodies—i'd expect something a little more malt shoppe oriented, like Junior Varsity; at bare minimum, sort of a barely competent Rock & Roll Adventure Kids type thing. Imagine the bedlam and tumult that erupted when the needle hit the vinyl and—after one brief delay when i checked to see if the needle had fuzz on it or something (always a good sign)—i was bombarded with a bunch o' fuzzed-out-to-fuck, needles-so-far-into-the-red-that-they're-now-going-the-other-way-on-the-color-circle-and-are-now-into-the-magenta pounding (and when i say "pounding," i don't speak metaphorically—the drummer only uses a snare, a cymbal, and a floor tom. That leaves little room for paradiddles and the like) that sounds like what The Go's crazy teenage siblings might let loose in the basement when they got home from their after-school jobs of picking up candy bar wrappers strewn along the roadsides where Stooges trod—with, of course, just enough Kennedy/Johnson-era kitsch flowing thru the proceedings to keep it reet. Thank you sir, may i have another? BEST SONG: "Rejected at the High School Dance" BEST SONG TITLE: "Dum Dum Baby" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This is the best sleeve AND the best record i got to review this issue, so whomever said that you can't judge a book by its cover can go fuck himself.

 –norb (High School Reject)