REAL KIDS, THE: Shake… Outta Control: LP

The Real Kids is a legendary East Coast band; to say anything else would be blasphemous. John Felice was even in the Modern Lovers at one point. If you don’t own their self-titled debut long player, there’s a hole in your life. Now, Ugly Pop has been all over the reissue game for the last few years, but make no mistake: Shake… Outta Control is a full-length record of new material, by none other than Boston’s finest. Some folks may cringe at the concept of a band releasing material thirty (almost forty) years after their point of origin, but they needn’t worry. The first Real Kids LP in I-don’t-know-how-many-decades is—aside from being long overdue—a sign that you should never turn your back on a band that released records you love (okay, we’ll allow for some exceptions…). But, the point is, this album is really great. Even if they aren’t as young as they once were. See, the Real Kids is/was a punk band layered in fifties rock. Sure, the aggression was there, but these guys weren’t the Dead Boys, if you know what I’m getting at. In short, some people may find this album mellow, but that’s part of what the Real Kids has always emitted. Their comeback LP is a great listen from start to finish; excellent sequencing and overall flow from beginning to end. Punks who are fans of Reigning Sound should specifically take note—I can’t stress that enough. Hopefully, they’ll play some gigs outside of New England at some point. It would be great to finally catch them in the act. 

 –Steve Adamyk (Ugly Pop)