REAL DANGER, THE: Down and Out: CD

Sep 19, 2013

I don’t know why but I get immediately bummed out when a CD I get for review comes with a bio sheet complete with a “Points of Interest” section. Did you know that their record label is producing over 2,500 flyers and the band will be playing “as much shows as possible” in support of the release? Fuck man, I don’t get the whole professional-punk angle of this most sacred of musical styles. That said, it is a good thing that the band kind of rips and treats said sacred musical form with reverence. For anyone who has been paying attention, the band has been pretty active for the past several years—spraying out releases in various forms—which brings us to this, their third full-length that is pretty well stocked with nuanced Fat Wreck-styled goodness that proves there is more to the Netherlands other than art museums, Heineken, and weed.

 –Garrett Barnwell (Shield,