REAGAN’S POLYP: : Deadenator:: CD

“I felt embarrassed and defensive every time someone came in through the living room and saw me watching it. Like I was guilty of something. And I guess I was.” –Dave Roche on his first time watchingPink Flamingos on a friend’s couch. Which I remembered while trying to listen to Deadenator while my roommate was in the kitchen making dinner. Two of these tracks come close to sounding like songs. “Rock and Roll ‘Music’”—only a song because it’s a parody with lyrics like, “Oh yeah / Let’s go / It was Saturday night / And I went to a bar / And I put in a quarter / to hear some guitar!” and the track, “Overpowered by the Spacegirl,” which “songs” around for a minute or so before the drums sound like they’re being thrown down the stairs and the yelping begins and doesn’t ever really go away. Generally, I support this kind of thing. Very entertaining. A post-holidays gift for someone you used to love?

 –Jim Joyce (Vetoxa,