Aug 09, 2009

Reagan SS: Holy hardcore in a handbasket. It’s definitely not a throwback band, and the mode isn’t silky and mellow, but boy how do I like it. They’re fronted by super abrasive, early JFA’y, blurry-yet-decipherable, urgent and harmed vocals. The instruments play both like a severe pipe wrench beating, but aren’t just that blunt – they’ve got that tricky, satisfying interplay that’s in some greats of yore and today, like Minor Threat and Out Cold. What Barry White’s baritone is to making love, Reagan SS is to down and dirty hardcore fucking. Sometimes you just gotta stab it. And they do. My favorite track (of seven – on one side of a 7”, folks) is “Taste the Rich” flavor, which makes me want to go to Reagan’s place today and kick him in the head when he’s raking leaves, and say, “That’s for the deregulation of the airlines, you fuck.” Then tie him down and lob jelly beans down his throat. But I digress. John Brown’s Army – featuring Nate Wilson from the sorely missed Charles Bronson – I’m sorry to say this; you’re okay, but when put across the vinyl from Reagan SS, aren’t going to get a lot of play. Sorta goat-throaty, pretty common, mid-tempo hardcore.

 –todd (Gloom)

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