REAGAN SS: Hail to the New Dawn: 7"

Jul 21, 2009

Can you hear that noise?  It has that buzz sound ringing in the distance. I think what I hear is the buzz of a band that is going to turn heads every time that people come across them. I may not be the only one excited by this band, but I know for sure that they are going to be placed in the punk history books for the year 2002. This is their second release after their split with John Browns Army which put them on the map. They have been aggressively playing around California, blowing away bands that have to play after them after they play their menacing short and to-the-point sets. In the band is former Razorcaker, Matt Average, who is the nuts and bolts of this outfit. It’s his baby and he created it to expel the anger inside him. Beside his writings for many publications and his artistry for photography, he expresses in his music how his environment irritates him. The music is fast as a race boat and powerful like a cannon – no frills punk thrash that is straight to the point and is short but sweet with its rage. It has eight songs that go by so fast that you have to pay attention. The production is improved from the split previously mentioned. The real experience is their live show. Do not miss them if they come to your town.

 –don (625)