REAGAN SS: Hail the New Dawn: 7"

Jul 28, 2009

No, hater, it's not an interpretive 7" of the Skrewdriver album of the same name. It's lights-out, anger-eyed, hammer-thrown-to-kneecap, ulcer-throated pugilist LA hardcore that seems to end mere seconds after it starts, wanting all yuppies and trust funders dead on contact. You get war on a both sides, but on the B-side, there's a picture of cute kid, Henry, with a shampoo mohawk. Highly recommended. Not a wasted note, no fucking around, slowly reclaiming the word "hardcore" back to its original meaning. I picked up two copies. The special cover has a picture of Reagan sodomizing a hermaphrodite Thatcher. Sweet, sweet political blasphemy.

 –todd (625)

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