REAGAN SS: Bon Apetit!: 7”EP

May 10, 2007

When Daryl comes over twice a week to Razorcake, we’ve come to some mutual conclusions about hardcore and thrash, and it’s become a “what side of the fence you on?” distinction. Both he and I think that the Government Warning’s No Moderation 12” kicks some serious ass. Speed is one thing. Powerviolence pushed it so fast that it seemed that the music was standing still, like spinning wheels before the traction. But speed only covers so much. Shit, almost-blind grandparents can drive a car in a straight line as fast as possible. The trick that sticks, for Daryl and me, is to somehow hide a sheet of melody under a song that’s barreling along at 120 MPH, while—to the outside world—it may sound like a wall of noise. Reagan SS: Man, these dudes have it dialed. The music sounds mean and nasty, can peg the tachometer, but where it’s the most interesting is how they use top speed as a dynamic that makes this 7”—to tuned ears—seem like the band’s playing on the top of a car (maybe like Teen Wolf) while in the middle of a race. That’s another trick entire.

 –todd (Rabid Dog)