Jan 13, 2010

I understand that upon first impression Ready The Jet might come off as a little too precious, but, then again, the first time I saw them play was quashed in the middle of a rowdy house party in none other than Lancaster, California. For those unfamiliar with the town, Lancaster is known for three things: speed, having a disturbingly large population of KKK members, and affordable housing via Chapter 8. Not that all these elements were visible at the party, but they definitely weren’t too far away. Ready The Jet unabashedly play ‘90s indie rock, but with fifteen plus years of reflection and punk lessons learned. Punk lessons like; knowing the right time of night to pack up and leave a Lancaster house party. These two songs work as a great accompaniment to their Killing Pace 7” recently released on Asian Man. Japanese Monsters: if you’ve ever had a fun time in Phoenix and pop punk was involved, there is a very good chance that one of these dudes was there. A verrrrrrry good chance. Bitter, angry, pissed off pop punk, and why the fuck not? Fans of OWTH, Copyrights, and Rumspringer should definitely check this out.

 –Daryl Gussin (Split, Self-released)