REACTIONS, THE: Saturday’s Gone Wild: LP

A collection of recordings here by a South Florida band workin’ the circuit in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s and whose releases fetch a pretty penny from those with lots of disposable cash and a yen for driving, obscure punk rock. Collected here are the band’s two sole contributions to the punk vinyl pile, 1980’s Official Release EP and 1981’s Love You EP, plus some previously unreleased demo and live recordings. The sound here is a pitch-perfect blend of early English punk (though I’m almost sure it’s coincidence, the Newtown Neurotics come to mind on occasion) and the hook-laden sensibilities of American power pop. How these cats didn’t blow up big no doubt haunts all involved, ‘cause it’s clear from tracks like “Tonight,” “Marianne,” and “Haulover Beach” that they were working above a good percentage of the punters. Glad to see ‘em get some propers here, no matter how many years after the fact.

 –jimmy (Cheap Rewards)