Mar 08, 2010

You would never know there were two ex-members of the Belgium hardcore outfit Dead Stop in this band. Two very different bands. But both great. The Reactionaries are somewhere between Detroit proto punk and garage rock. Before the first side of this record was over, I was pretty much convinced this was a great record. Songs like the opener, “Good News,” is a great introduction to the band. The fuzzed-out guitar is great, and the psychedelic influences come screaming in. The title track and “Walking Away” are the two most aggressive of the bunch, but they don’t forsake any melody for crunch. You can have both, and they give it to you, both barrels. But then there’s a second side to listen to before making it official. It’s a tad different than the first. The songs are little slower and longer, but damn, it’s all good! It begins appropriately enough with “Other Side,” and the verdict is pretty much in. “Fool for You” sounds like a lost Misfits track. The vocals sound exactly like Danzig in this song. It’s eerie! The closer is “System of Interest” and they really open up on this. Maybe the longest song of the album, but there’s more texture, great backup vocals, and further proof that this band is very capable of being massive. I want to hear more. Gord should write these dudes a blank check and give them the world.

 –M.Avrg (Deranged)