REACTION, THE: We Have Nothing to Lose but Boredom: 10”

Sep 23, 2011

There is a ‘90s pop sensibility to this record that doesn’t entirely turn me off, but it makes the album hard to pin down. There are later Firehose and Pixies influences bleeding through. This might be a little off, but this is the sort of thing I could imagine Dischord releasing during the “revolution summer.” There was an entire cache of bands that cited the Minutemen, but sounded nothing like them. It was the idea of the Minutemen; the notion that you didn’t have to be punk to be in the punk scene. For a while, hippie ideas were more abundant. Dreadlocks didn’t make you think of Korn and playing indoors was tantamount to selling out. The album sounds like a version of this experimental pop-rocking-pop. A band called Branch Manager comes to mind. Rain Like The Sound Of Trains. What’s the one with the sun drawing on the cover? Anyone? Being hard to pin down is not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe I’m just old. I should get my life together. Is anyone still reading this?

 –Billups Allen (Let’s Pretend,