RCADE INFERNO: This Gent’s a Scoundrel: CD

Jun 22, 2007

The first time I heard Rcade Inferno was at a house party where Jeff Ott played acoustic. Let me clarify that: I went to my friends’ barbeque and Jeff Ott also happened to be playing in the living room during the time I was there. (On a side note, it ended up being pretty fun as the crowd wouldn’t let him play his typical acoustic stuff, only Fifteen songs, and seeing my friends so happy and yelling offensive/funny stuff like “White power!” anytime he tried to get serious, made it a good time.) Before all of this, I was standing in the backyard when my friend J. came out and said I had to hear this band. I went inside and there were two guys with acoustic guitars yelling in the middle of the living room. And it was awesome. Then they met two guys in Anaheim (one who looks a lot like Bill S. Preston and makes the most intense faces ever when he plays) and two days later, played a Fourth of July barbecue in San Pedro (with the impressive line-up of Grabass Charlestons, the Soviettes, Tiltwheel, Toys That Kill, and Killer Dreamer) and were again awesome. I don’t know if it’s in the recording of this, but the energy and rawness that I really like when I saw them just isn’t on this CD, with the exception of the opening track. It alternates between guttural and slightly nasal vocals more than I remember, but I still like it.

 –megan (ADD)