RAZZELS, THE: Throttle: CD

If I were a wayward just-shy-of-bankruptcy bettin’ man, I’d resolutely gamble my very last dime on the prospect of Buffalo, New Yawk becomin’ the next glimmerin’ goldmine of a musical mecca just as Detroit, Austin, Athens, Chapel Hill, and Seattle once were. Thus far, the scenic Niagara Falls region of upstate New York has spawned the smokin’ sonic insanity of The Irving Klaws, the Treebirds, and Doombuggy. And now we have the riproarin’ powerpop wrath of The Razzels! It’s a well-structured whirlwind of over-amped melody-laden bounciness thickly layered with a snotty snarling edge, a whiplash avalanche of spastic auditory giddiness – poppy, punky, and pleasurably perfect – and some of the liveliest, most upbeat sounds to ever vigorously shake my ears! Long after repeatedly blastin’ this addictive disc at the loudest decibel levels possible, I’m still euphorically tappin’ my toes, bobbin’ my head, and twistin’ my backside silly like an American Bandstand dancer possessed. It’s that damn catchy, folks! Absolutely enthralling! -Roger Moser, Jr.

 –guest (Get Hip)