Razorcake Staff's Top 5s for Issue #32: This Is the Unabridged Version from That Issue

Jun 07, 2006

Amy Adoyzie

Top 5 Records from Greg Cartwright’s Discography Echoing in My Heart at

the Moment

1. Oblivians, Rock N Roll Holiday

2. Compulsive Gamblers, Live and Deadly

3. Reigning Sound, Too Much Guitar

4. Oblivians, Soul Food

5. Reigning Sound, Live at Goner

Aphid Peewit

1. Out With A Bang, I’m Against It EP

2. Mentors, Over the Top

3. Reatards/Tokyo Electron/Angry Angles, Totally Shattered Euro Tour 7”

4. Dead Stop, Live for Nothing

5. Bukowski: Born Into This (DVD)

BD Williams

Top 5 Things I Like

● Amy Adoyzie

● Craig Ibarra, The Rise and Fall guy

● Mars

● Dead Boy and the Elephant Men

● The Brothers of the Echo Park Pine Thickets Union

Ben Snakepit

1. Brutal Knights LP

2. Sainte Catherines, Dancing for Decadence LP

3. Drinkers Purgatory CD

4. Avail, Dixie reissue CD

5. Gorilla Angreb, live


1. Dope, Guns, and Fucking in the Streets Vol. 1-3, compilation 12”

2. Tortoise, TNT 12”

3. Tupamaros, Beyond the Bias 10”

4. Nation of Ulysses, 13 Point Program to Destroy America 12”

5. Hostile Combover, Storklord CD

Chris Devlin

Top 5 Way Overdue Thank-Yous

1. Thanks to Replay Dave for putting us up in his beautiful home during the Fest, and thanks to Laura for the use of the bed (p.s. sorry about the sheets).

2. Thanks to Vanessa at Fat Wreck Chords for the tickets and drinks (many times over).

3. Thanks to whomever (possibly Gabe Rock) left the Spiderman shirt on the floor of the bowling alley.

4. Thanks to Toby for reminding us that the sound of laughter, when following the question “Are you okay to drive?”, is never a good sign.

5. Thanks to Todd and Sean for continuing to let me be on the team.

Chris Peigler

1. Signal Lost, Live in Asheville, NC 4/15/06

2. Direct Control, You’re Controlled LP

3. The Two Funerals, Live on WUVT CD-R

4. Black Market Baby, Coulda...Shoulda...Woulda CD

5. I Live With Zombies, Self-Titled CD

Comrade Bree

Top 5 Psionic Attacks Used at Recent Shows

1. Hypnotic firing of mind bullets: Bent Outta Shape at some basement show

2. Telekinetic levy break: Knife Skills/ No Things at S.S. Marie Antionette

3. Discombobulating pulse cannon assault: Manplus at Chop Suey

4. Telemechanic attack: Tracy+ the Plastics at the Frye Art Museum

5. False memory implant and/or probability confounder: Drug- and alcohol-induced blackout provoked during a Trashies basement show.


Random Highlights of March and April in Random Order

● Lawrence Arms live at The Washington Pavilion on March 16

● Discovering $0.85 Mystery Beer at the Arrow Bar

● Learning that the difference between making a flaming drink and being a pyromaniac is whether you’re on the clock

● Finding tape of Jesse LP by Leatherface under car seat

Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster by Bobby Henderson

Designated Dale

1. The Gears at Mr. T’s Bowl in Highland Park

2. The Rock And Roll B-Movie Monsters DVD

3. The Shemps at some Jewish community center in Culver City

4. Bill Florio of the above-mentioned Shemps for his Greedy Bastard Vol. 1

5. People who recognize common courtesy (No, I ain’t being sarcastic).


● Dan, Thology 2xCD

● Balzac, Deep Blue CD

● Madonna, True Blue LP

● Tragedy, live

● Jewdriver, live

Dr. Lord Kveldulfr

1. Brett Favre still not retiring.

2. The Milwaukee Brewers doing their usual April ass-kicking (the bottom drops out around mid-May).

3. The word “hogan.”

4. I’m a newly minted doctor! (Still got that new doctor smell!)

5. My (future) wife deciding that she really doesn’t want to grow a cock to show all those fuckers a thing or two and instead grabbing a glass of wine and being the wonderfully charming and beautiful woman that she is.

Greg Barbera

1. Chaz’s Bull City Records in Durham, NC

2. Double Negative

3. Jim Harrison’s novel, True North

4. Portable record players

5. Rediscovering the joys of Void for the umpteenth time

Jennifer Whiteford

1. Paint It Black and Career Suicide at Cafe Dekcuf in Ottawa on March 25th

2. Alright, This Time Just the Girls compilation album from Sympathy for the Record Industry

3. River City Tanlines, All 7 Inches Plus Two More album

4. Muffler Crunch debut full length on Last Drag Records

5. And I hear there’s an awesome new novel available from Gorsky Press...

Jenny Moncayo

Top 5 Songs I Can’t Get Off Repeat

1. Clorox Girls “Don’t Take Your Life”

2. Culture Shock “Forever and Ever”

3. The Briefs “Jet Boy, Jet Girl”

4. Marked Men “Not Just Another Girl”

5. Lost Sounds “Destructo Comet”

Jessica T

My Top 5 Mp3’s, In Order

1. Hank III, “Pills I Took”

2. Bloody Hollies, “Swing”

3. Black Rodeo, “The Need”

4. Love Story In Blood Red, “Perfect”

5. Some Action, “Gotta Know”

Jimmy Alvarado

Tsotsi (movie)

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (movie)

● Black Market Baby, Coulda...Shoulda...Woulda

● 500,000 immigrants flooding the streets of Downtown L.A., followed by tens of thousands of kids walking outta school to protest H.R. 4437. Let’s hope the May 1st general strike put the final nail in the coffin.

● Despite their spin doctors’ best efforts, the Bush administration continues to lose its fictional “political capital” in a hailstorm of scandals, corrupt practices, and exposed lies.

Joe Evans

● Modern Machines, “Unequipped”

● The Minutemen, “Shit from an Old Notebook”

● Dillinger Four, “Farts Are Jazz to Assholes”

● New Mexican Disaster Squad, “Wasting Matches”

● Sick Sick Birds, “Little Champ”

Josh Rigmas

1. Busy Signals, Can’t Feel a Thing 7”

2. Cococomas, All I Give 7”

3. Black Lips, Let It Bloom

4. Frederick Exley, A Fan’s Notes (book)

5. Susan Forward, Toxic Parents (book)

Julia Smut

1. The Flesh Eaters live in 2006

2. Tex and the Horseheads live in 2006

3. The Sonics

4. Longer and warmer days!

5. 1966 Triumph T-100 building

Kat Jetson

1. Arctic Monkeys, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not CD

2. Matt Jones from Pirates Press. He’s my vinyl pressing hero.

3. V for Vendetta (movie)

4. April 3—baseball’s opening day

5. Satan’s Pilgrims, Plymouth Rock: The Best of Satan’s Pilgrims 2xCD


Top 5 Pick Up Lines at Alternative Press Expo April 8-9, San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center

1. “My zine is gay but I am totally hetero.”

2. “Come over to my work and I’ll get you free xeroxes.”

3. “Your zine reminds me of a young Cometbus.”

4. “Saddle stitch me, fold me, and trade me.”

5. “You look just like the way you draw yourself in your comics.”

Kurt Morris

1. Getting ready to quit my job.

2. Howard Zinn’s Declarations of Independence (book)

3. Kurt Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions (book)

4. Jawbox, Self-Titled

5. Enjoying the onslaught of beautiful Spring weather.

Maddy Tight Pants

1. The Carrie Nations, Be Still CD

2. Arise Bookstore in Minneapolis

3. The Icarus Project

4. Hanging out on the swings at 3 AM.

5. Summer!

Megan Pants

● Measure (SA), Historical Fiction

● Mind Control, Self-Titled

● Kidnappers, Neon Signs

● Sneaky Pinks, I Can’t Wait b/w Kill Kill Kill, Life Stoopid, I Stoopid: 7”

● Django Reinhardt, some best of collection

Mike Frame

● Live Fast Die, Bandana Thrash Record

● Suspicions, Self-Titled

● The Coup, Steal This Album

● Direct Control, You’re Controlled

● Tegan and Sara, So Jealous

Mike Plante

Top 5 Dvds On Repeat

1. Deadwood

2. Milking & Scratching

3. Afro Promo

4. Wonder Showzen

5. Keane

Miss Namella J. Kim

Top Five Life Disaster Remedies/Recommendations

5. Joan Jett’s Greatest Hits on full blast out of the Hello Kitty boombox!

4. Bauhaus opening for Nine Inch Nails: I plan on staging a mass walk out right before Trent and Co. storm the stage. Everyone, wear a sandwich board that says, “NIN is GAY.”

3. Headline Records on Melrose Avenue and Jean Luc’s insights into the current economy and sharing some Japanese milk candy while buying punker dude bumper stickers for my new hoopty.

2. The Flesheaters/Geisha Girls at The Echo

1. Studs Terkel’s, The Good War (book)

Mor Fleisher

Top 5 Songs About Girls

1. The Screamers, “The Girl in the Car with the Glasses and the Gun”

2. The Alarm Clocks, “Yeah”

3. Bo Diddley, “Dearest Darling”

4. Billy Childish and The Blackhands, “I Love My Woman”

5. Larry Williams, “Short Fat Fannie”

MP Johnson

● Meat Weasels: The bizarre worm/leech things that live at the bottom of the chasm in Peter Jackson’s King Kong.

Plaga Zombie: Mutant Zone (movie)

● Billy Joe Shaver

● Zeke, Super Sound Racing

Ultraviolet, Does this movie make any sense to anyone#

Mr. Z

Favorite Contributors Of Last Issue

1. Kiyoshi Nakazawa (cute comic)

2. Sean Carswell (fucking up column)

3. Amy Adoyzie (Crack dealer column)

4. Designated Dale (Chapelle column)

5. Keith Rosson (so many zine reviews)

Nardwuar the Human Serviette

1. Leather Uppers, Bright Lights LP

2. Various Artists, Winnipeg Riot CD

3. Knights of the New Crusade, A Challenge to the Cowards of Christendom CD

4. Venom, Metal Black CD

5. The Spinoffs, Street Rock Stars CD


Recent Finds On Myspace…

● Horror Vakuum, “Storyteller” (Sweden)

● Shorty Cat, “Riot Girl” (Korea)

● Beyond Pink, “Walking Bajamaja” (Sweden)

● BB Bomb, “Memories” (Taiwan)

● Besta-Fera, “AquelesOut” (Brazil)

1. Returnables, S/T CD

2. Mind Controls, S/T CD

3. La Peste, Better Off La Peste CD

4. Wau y Los Arrrghs!!!, Canton en Espanol CD

5. Dawning of a New Era: The Roots of Skinhead Reggae 2xLP

Rhythm Chicken

● Klaus Mitffoch, Self-Titled

● Republika, Best of...

● Cool Kids of Death, entire discography

What Is to Be Done# by Nikolai G. Chernyshevsky (book)

● Palinca (Romanian homemade plum moonshine!)

Ryan Leach

● Gene Clark, Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers

● The Byrds, Turn! Turn! Turn!

● Thomas Pynchon, V. (book)

● The upcoming debut of Fortune’s Flesh

● The Velvet Underground, Live in 1969

Sean Carswell

Top Five Records to Spin on My New Portable Record Player

1. Marked Men, Nothing’s Changed b/w She Won’t Know 7”

2. Dan Padilla/Chinese Telephones, Split 7”

3. Toys That Kill, Don’t Take My Clone b/w Breaking Out 7”

4. Marked Men/Sultans/Heartaches, Tour 7”

5. Wendy Kroys, Songs about Lust, Revenge, & UFOs LP

Sean Koepenick

Top 5 Reissues I Am Digging

● Generation X, Live

● The Who, My Generation Deluxe Edition.

● TSOL, Who’s Screwin’ Who.

● The Slickee Boys, Fashionably Late/Live at Last

● Revolting Cocks, Beers, Steers and Queers.


1. Waylon Jennings, Greatest Hits/Live/Phase One

2. Hank III, Straight to Hell

3. Robot Chicken Season 1 DVD

4. Lost. So many new episodes!

5. Tiltwheel covering “Skyway”

Tim Jamison

Top Five: Beasts of Bourbon

● “Love and Death”

● “Hard for You”

● “The Hate Inside”

● “Hope You Find Your Way to Heaven”

● Seeing the mighty Beasts of Bourbon in Koln, DE

Todd Taylor

● Grabass Charlestons, When the Funk Hits the Fan 7”

● Gorilla Angreb, Beder Tider, 12” EP

● Tranzmitors, Bigger Houses, Broken Homes b/w Glamour Girls, 7”

● Bent Outta Shape/Snuggle, split 7”

● Fifth Hour Hero, Not Revenge… Just a Vicious Crush LP

Ty Stranglehold

1. Riverboat Gamblers, To the Confusion of Our Enemies

2. The Shivs, They’re Here

3. The Hanson Brothers/Married To Music, live

4. L.I.D., Hasn’t Gotten Weird Enough for Me

5. Smogtown (anything and everything about them)