Razorcake Podcast #94: With Jeff Proctor

Feb 12, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #94: With Jeff Proctor

For my second Razorcake podcast I put together another round of some of my favorite San Diego based bands of various colors and stripes. For those paying attention, a couple names will repeat from podcast #40 for continuity, as again I try to connect one band to another via their inter and intra-member relationships. We start off essentially at the genesis of San Diego punk rock with the Zeros, and then meander through a serpentine trail of what has been a very long and productive (and quite often incestuous) scene of independently minded and spirited musicians.


-Jeff Proctor

1. The Zeros - "Beat Your Heart Out" Don't Push Me Around (Bomp)
2. The Dragons - "Ignition LZ" Sin Salvation (Gearhead)
3. The Malakas - "Sorry Bout My Drinkin" Sorry Bout My Drinkin (Rockin' Bones)
4. Vena Cava - "Amethysts and Roses" So Evolved...Inhuman (Don't Quit Your Day Job) 5. Rocket From the Crypt - "Dick on a Dog" RFTC (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
6. Hot Snakes - "No Hands" Automatic Midnight (Swami)
7. Tanner - "Hey Jigsaw" Ill Gotten Gains (Goldenrod)
8. Fishwife - "First Time Caller" self-titled 7" (Goldenrod)
9. Hemlock - "Save a Prayer" Valvestate (Goldenrod)
10. Radio Wendy - "Mean Ether" self-titled 10" (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
11. Tiltwheel - "Al Quint Is An Emo Pussy" Hair Brained Scheme Addicts (Attention Deficit Disorder)
12. Everready - "Weezer" split 7" w/Figdish (Liquid Meat)
13. the Kassos - "On the Floor" It Would Be My Pleasure to Fuck You Up (Vendor)
14. Machinegun - "Machinegun" Taste for Blood (I Used to Fuck People Like You in
15. John Cougar Concentration Camp - "Back in the Day" Melon (BYO)