Razorcake Podcast #87: With Kurt Morris

Dec 25, 2009

Razorcake Podcast #87: With Kurt Morris

This podcast is comprised of songs I’ve enjoyed from albums I’ve reviewed since I started with Razorcake in 2005.

-Kurt Morris

Dillinger Four – “Gainesville” (Civil War, Fat)
Cactus’s – “Queen Bee” (Tropical Terror EP, Beat Crazy)
Cris Cordero – “The Perfect Day” (Why Can’t God Cure The Baby?, Remember Artists)
Meneguar – “Scrape And A Pull” (Strangers in Our House, Troubleman Unlimited)
Blueline Medic – “Saw You Last Night” (The Middle of the End 7”, Hobbledehoy)
The Failures’ Union – “The Worst” (Sinker, One Percent Press)
Antelope – “Justin Jesus” (Reflector, Dischord)
Mass Shivers – “Tense & Anxious” (Ecstatic Eyes Glow Glossy, Sickroom)
Bear Claw – “Distant Apology” (Slow Speed: Deep Owls, Sickroom)
Trainwreck – “On Our Losses And Our Tears” (split w/ Comadre, Bloodtown)
Get Help – “The End Of The New Country” (The End Of The New Country, Midriff)