Razorcake Podcast #82: With Daryl Gussin

Nov 20, 2009

Razorcake Podcast #82: With Daryl Gussin

For the first time ever I now have possession of Wire's Pink Flag. No, I dont have it on vinyl, which would be kick-ass, but thanks to this whole blog thing and once again downloading Winzip, I can listen to those songs anytime I want. There's something so punk, and young, and free spirited about that album. Chaos and symmetry, reckless focus. I tend to think if that album came out today they'd be covered in Razorcake. I'd play "12XU" on a podcast and a modern day Ian Mackaye would be completely smitten. But with so much great music coming out, what's the point of such dreams. Once again, my playlist is comprised of mostly recent stuff that I think is fucking spectacular. I hope you find something you like.

-Daryl Gussin

RVIVR - "Derailer" (Rumbletowne)
Abi Yoyos - "Bohemian Grove" (Riisk)
Nervous Patterns - "You Can't Change" (Zaxxon)
Peligro Social - "Ruidos" (Tankcrimes)
Spits - "Rip Up the Streets" (Recess/Thrift Store)
Snuggle - "Commercials" (1234Go!)
Fat Beavers - "Great Expectations" (Self-released)
Year Zero - "No Tongue for Eros" (P. Trash)
Everything Falls Apart - "Roses" (Self-released)
Shang-A-Lang - "I'm Tired" (Fast Crowd)
Pangea - "In Calico" (Stress Domain)
Songs For Moms - "Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong" (Thrillhouse)
Rough Kids - "Going Blank" (Rough)
Carrie Nations - "Caveman" (Stank House)