Razorcake Podcast #74: With Jeff Fox

Razorcake Podcast #74: With Jeff Fox

This podcast contains music from Philadelphia area bands from 1983 to 1986.

These tracks are largely cassette-only releases and live bootlegs. Some of these live tracks are ripped from the only existing copy of a performance.

This isn’t meant to be the definitive story of the Philly music scene at that time. For every band that’s represented here, there are a hundred that aren’t. This is merely an attempt to archive and save some good, rare music.

-Jeff Fox

Flag of Democracy – “Barracuda Magazine Theme Song”

Earthshoes For The Needy – “Landshark”
Dead Milkmen – “Nutrition”
Electric Love Muffin – “Backstreet Ride” (live)

Deadspot – “Another Day”
Flag of Democracy – “Powerload”
Circle of Shit – “The Punks Are Out Tonight”
Earthshoes For The Needy – “Sabbath Dub”
Electric Love Muffin – “This Time I’m Gone”

Psychotic Norman – “Narco Bash”
Fabulous Fondas – “Never Close”
The Stickmen – “Action Man”
Scram! – “Something to Cling To” (live)

Ruin – “He-Ho / Laudium”
Flag of Democracy – “So You Wanna Be a Rock N Roll Star” live
Dead Milkmen – “Whitey’s Gonna Pay”

Electric Love Muffin – “Norwegian Wood” (live)