Razorcake Podcast #73: With Amy Adoyzie

Sep 18, 2009

Razorcake Podcast #73: With Amy Adoyzie

I’ve known folks who don’t like running to music. They feel that the tempo fucks up their stride and pace. I’m not one of those types of runners. My pace wouldn’t exist without the beat and swagger of snare drums and choruses shouted at the top of your lungs.
This is a tested mix of that will keep your legs pushing forward with just the right tempo. Lace up, pop in your ear buds, and move with the music.

Songs to Run To

-Amy Adoyzie

“Lapdog” Bent Outta Shape
“Fuk the Prince a Pull Is Dum” Japanther
“We Laugh at Danger” Against Me!
“Brown Paper Sack” Reigning Sound
“Don’t Expect for Me to Sleep” Underground Railroad To Candyland
“MyMyMetrocard” Le Tigre
“Your Love Belongs Under a Rock” The Dirtbombs
“Space and Time” Miss Alex White & The Red Orchestra
“Keep Fallin’ Down” Off With Their Heads
“Talk” Gordon Gano’s Army
“Waiting for Something” Jay Reatard
“Brake It” Reigning Sound