Razorcake Podcast #72: With Matt Army

Sep 11, 2009

Razorcake Podcast #72: With Matt Army

What it is Razorcakers, interlopers, curiosity-seekers and the rest of you out there in pretend-radioland? It’s me, Matt “Army” Braun with another podcast full of pretend radio goodness! So join me and my trusty sidekick/mentor Todd Taylor as we take you on yet another musical journey into the unknown. And also the pretty well known.

-Matt Army

The Bad Popes – “Cloven Hooves and All” – Copies still available on AML Records! A special shout-out to Mike Lieberman. Keep on living!

Lenguas Largas – “I Feel” – Part one of our two-part Tucson rock-block. Trippy, dreamy, rad. Sometimes it’s just too hot to play fast.

Green On Red – “Keep on Moving” – Tucson rock-block part two. The only song I’m aware of by a non-Canadian band to even mention Vancouver in any way, shape, or form. Prove me wrong listeners. Prove me wrong.

Dicks – “Young Boys Feet” – A particular favorite of my old pal Pops Novick for reasons I never fully understood. Or chose not to I guess.

The Grumpies – “Weather Girl” – A little lost piece of Mississippi Gold on the now defunct (?) Shredder. Not the song I meant to play but it’s cool. Totally.

Future Virgins – “Little Steppenwulf” – Best active band in America? Quite possibly. Totally serious.

M.O.T.O – “We Are the Rats” – Man, this one makes me miss my old unreliable E150 like nobody’s business. Reminds me of driving around waiting for a belt to snap on a bright summer day. Oh Rusty, how I miss you!

All You Can Eat – “Gaffer’s Tape and Super Glue” – I’ve been spinning this one since my days as Miles O’Tool on WHCS’ “Foot-long Radio.” No lie.

God Hates Computers – “80mg/day” – Great song by a Portland(?)-based band I really liked that never really lasted that long. Good things seldom do.

Hickey – “Make Sure There Aren’t Any Squares at My Funeral” – The flipside of that AYCE 45 at Todd’s request. On a side-note, Todd is totally trying to very subtly change the manner in which I store all my records, particularly those he deems most desirable. Don’t think I don’t notice when the record is no longer in the picture sleeve!

Bad Religion – “Chasing the Wild Goose” – Novelty, novelty, novelty.

Rocket From The Tombs – “Ain’t It Fun?” – “Now that’s what I call Emo Vol I.”

Black Flag – “What Can You Believe” – Dez on second guitar is what really gives these demos that extra little bit of sizzle. If you’re some kind of Flag completist you’ve probably already tracked this stuff down in some format or another, but I’m still going to go out on a limb and call it a rarity.

The King Khan & BBQ Show – “Waddlin’ Around” – Always leave ‘em with an up-tempo number. It ain’t brain surgery.