Razorcake Podcast #71: With Daryl Gussin

Razorcake Podcast #71: With Daryl Gussin

Except for the two re-issues I played, the list below is what I consider to be a pretty damn good cross section of bands that are giving it their all. Touring, releasing records, and for what? I’m sure every separate member of all the different bands has an answer of their own, so I figure I might as well celebrate that individuality and play some songs that I think are exceptional.

Sleepwall “Sleepwalkers” (7″ on Toxic Pop)

Charlie & the Moonhearts “Animals” (split with Teen Anger on Telephone Explosion)
Sneaky Pinks “I Cant Wait” (7″ on 1-2-3-4 Go!)
This Moment In Black History “Jim Motherfucker” (Raw Black Power 7″ on Insect)
Thee Makeout Party “Pauline” (LP on Recess/Teenacide)

Days Off “Shake Your Skeleton” (Half-Assed Chicago Comp. on Johann’s Face)
Friendly Fire “Homesick” (split with Tenement on Force Field)
Daylight Robbery “Reach out” (Red Tape EP on Residue)
The Dopamines “Operate” (…the Soap and Landshades EP on Cold Feet)

Hul “Dode Fisk” (Dan Danske Ungdom… LP on Hjernespind)
Dark Ages “No Escape” (Vicious Lie EP on Cowabunga)
Masshysteri “Hatkärlek” (Vår Del Av Stan LP on Feral Ward)
Stupid Party “Sludger” (LP on FreedomSchool)

Ringers “Hurry Up and Wait” (Hurry Up and Wait 12″ EP on 1234 Go!)